The only Professional Women's organization in Pittsburgh dedicated to education, empowerment and inspiration. When you join the Pittsburgh Professional Women group, you'll be surrounded by like-minded women who want to grow, succeed and influence. Our practical and relevant workshops are designed to help you succeed in life and business...and you don't have to leave town. 

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 Career Coach
 Karen Litzinger


 Certified Divorce Coach® 
 Donna Kline


  Financial Coach

  Kristen Ricupero


  Fundraising Coach

  Jennifer Craig


  Heath and Positive Psychology Coach 

  Sandy Campbell


  Health Coach
  Bobbi DiClaudio


 Life and Business Coach
 Beth Caldwell


  Mindset Coach

  Amy Walsh

Speaking and Empowerment Coach

Kym Gable

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 Pittsburgh Professional Women is a Community Resource Organization dedicated to encouraging, educating and empowering professional women in SouthWestern Pennsylvania. 

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