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We Help Business Women Succeed

When Pittsburgh Professional Women began in 2005, many people were not familiar with personal or professional coaching.  To help members realize the value of coaching, and to help local coaches market themselves, we started hosting Coffee with the Coach meetings at the Panera Bread in Fox Chapel.

This is something that's have continued over the years, and we've even hosted two large conferences helping our members and others in the local business community access the service of professional coaching. Today, Coffee with the Coach happens virtually, and you can catch the replays and recordings right here. Enjoy!

Members Access Coffee with the Coach Replays Here:

Overcome Procrastination (FOR GOOD)! 

Do you struggle with procrastination or find yourself otherwise resisting or sabotaging your success?

During this webcast, you'll learn the science of WHY procrastination happens and how to quickly retrain your mind to drop this bad habit FOREVER! Amy will share: 

  • The science of why we procrastinate 
  • Why you can’t rely on motivation to fuel success 
  • How to overcome worry/instability in financial goals 
  • How to eliminate patterns of self-sabotage
  • Systems based thinking to create predictability 

Watch the replay here:

Meet the Coach:

Amy Walsh, CHt, RTT is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Mindset coach who is passionate about helping high-performing professionals overcome bad habits like procrastination and self sabotage. She knows that every individual can achieve the healthy body, fulfilling career and genuine relationships that they desire. Learn how to work with Amy here. 

List Building Essentials: 

Our success truly lies in our everyday habits. One thing that we tend to let go of is our contact list. Your contact list is truly your key to success. If you'd like to organize or grow your contact list, you will love these tips and strategies.  

Watch the replay here:

Meet the Coach:

Beth Caldwell helps her clients make powerful SHIFTS in life and business. Her specialty is helping women implement systems to streamline marketing, visibility and client attraction. Her refreshing style and unlimited energy have impacted men and women around the world. She is the founder of the SHIFT Coaching Program for Women, Leadership Academy for Women and the host of the popular WebTV Program Monday Morning Mastermind. Learn more here

Polish Your Professional Presence with Vision and Voice Coach Kym Gable 

This episode of Coffee with the Coach features Speech/Presentation/Confidence Coach Kym Gable. Kym works with successful women who want to improve their speaking skills and polish their presence.

Whether you are speaking for a small group, on a large stage, or on video, Kym has practical and helpful tips that you can implement immediately, along with her E + C = A success formula to make you and your message irresistible.

To download Kym's ebook, What's Your Story? Tell It, Show It And Sell It With Confidence And Impact, click here. 

To hire Kym as your coach, click here. (Kym offer's a nice discount to members of Pittsburgh Professional Women)

Watch the replay here:

The Seven Biggest Mistakes that People Make on Their Website

Web Design Expert Ruthann Bowen, owner of The Bowen Agency Web Design, shares the

Seven Biggest Mistakes that People Make on Their Website

Watch the replay here:

Meet the Coach:

Ruthann Bowen enjoyed a fun career working as the director of publicity with Warner Brothers Records. When her children’s school needed a new website but had no budget, she volunteered to take over the project. That is when she learned about the WIX Platform. She had a knack for design and soon found herself designing websites for others. In a few short years, Ruthann became a sought after designer with a number of accolades. She received prestigious WIX DesignHer designation, became a certified WIX Trainer, and was selected to be one of 80 WIX Worldwide Ambassadors. Work with Ruthann here. 

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