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A New Year Retreat for Women: Activate Your Abundance

  • 01 Jan 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Online: Attend from your home or office computer

Announcing a New Year's Day online masterclass retreat experience for women:

About the Event

People often say that achieving a successful life and business takes hard work, but things don't have to be as hard as you make them. You're invited to participate in this intimate online gathering for a powerful beginning to the new year. 

During the Activate Your Abundance New Year's Day retreat you'll learn:

  • WHY you resist getting paid what you're worth, have a hard time setting or increasing your fees, or asking for a raise
  • HOW to change these pesky thought patterns and re-wire yourself to think abundantly
  • STRATEGIES to improve your confidence and feel good about your fees
  • TIPS to release money blocks and subconscious patterns that keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone
  • HABITS to help you shift out of a mindset of lack and scarcity
  • SIMPLE and PRACTICAL tools to help you manifest abundance in life, love, and business

This experience is ideal for women who:

  • keep starting but don't seem to move forward or get very far
  • want to move forward but lack the courage to take the first step
  • need a strong and solid support system of other women who believe in them
  • get stuck and procrastinate when creating new habits and systems
  • are tired of working hard, being exhausted, and missing precious family time

Meet your host:

Life didn't go exactly as planned for Beth Caldwell. At age 26 she had checked all the boxes: great career, beautiful suburban home, sports car, handsome husband. At age 28  she was a divorced mom with two tiny babies, living in a second-floor apartment with no air conditioning, washer, or dryer. She relied on food stamps and coupons to buy infant formula and had no job, no career options, and no formal education.

Today she is the proud mom of two college graduates, enjoys a long-lasting and deeply committed relationship with a devoted lover, enjoys a career as a popular author, award-winning entrepreneur, in-demand speaker, and frequent media guest. How did THAT happen?

​During this retreat, you'll learn the very simple steps that Beth implemented to achieve abundance and the practices that she continues to embrace today.  Learn how she created a life love and business that she dreamed of and the one that you deserve.

Registration for this event includes a 3 hour retreat, an autographed copy of Beth's newest book MANIFEST, the 2022 Resources for Success Guide, an amazing start to the new year, and a brand new circle of connections with like-minded, success driven women just like you. The registration fee is $125 per person.

Register for the Activate Your Abundance Online Retreat for Women HERE.

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