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We Help Business Women Succeed

Busy women leaders cannot always attend Pittsburgh Professional Women workshops in person. Now, you can access virtual workshops that will help you improve your life and business...and you don't have to leave your office. Focus Friday Workshops are *FREE* for Pittsburgh Professional Women Members, who can attend live and also access the recordings. Enjoy!


Facebook Business Page Makeover

Watch the replay here:

Seven Biggest Mistakes that People Make on Their Website

Web Design Expert Ruthann Bowen, owner of The Bowen Agency Web Design, shares the Seven Biggest Mistakes that People Make on Their Website

For more helpful tips from Ruthann, click here. To schedule a session with Ruthann, click here.

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List Building Essentials: 

Our success truly lies in our everyday habits. One thing that we tend to let go of is our contact list. Your contact list is truly your key to success. Business Coach Beth Caldwell, founder of the SHIFT PROGRAM FOR WOMEN shares important tips for growing and organizing your contact list.  

Watch the replay here:

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Pittsburgh Professional Women is a Community Resource Organization dedicated to encouraging, educating and empowering professional women in SouthWestern Pennsylvania. 

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